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Recorded at The Creepy Teepee by Matt In A Box

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released February 3, 2011

For booking/questions: thebeautifuloneshc@gmail.com



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The Beautiful Ones Mesa, Arizona

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Track Name: Too Beautiful
The beautiful ones always smash the picture
Always every single time
An empty shell full of destruction
Chaos rules your life

Bring to life a vision in ones mind
They smash the picture
Always every time

Look in the mirror
Tell me what you see
An obstruction of this reality
You want to see a pretty face
But this time, it's not the case
Track Name: Truth Hurts
Moving on
I'm moving on with life
I don't really need you anymore
I want to thank you
For everything you've done
You've turned me into a nervous wreck

Truth hurts
This is reality

Now I'm fucked up in the head
You don't realize that the things you did
Really took it's toll on me
You taught me to believe lies
And you told me that I'd see lights
Then I got a dose of reality

Truth hurts
This is reality
Truth hurts
You got it out of me
Track Name: Old News, Same Blues
Been looking for words to express
These feelings that I once felt
My beating love in your hands
It was my heart that you held

And it goes like this
It's old news but it's the same old blues
And I reminisce
It's old news but it's the same old blues

We walked together for years
You were everything I ever held dear
We grew together for a long time
I know the blame was mine
I couldn't grow up and take responsibility
I never learned from the mistakes that I've made
You deserve the world and so much better than me
You deserve to be happy
Track Name: Absolute Minds
No more fear, it's a thing of the past
It weakens your mind as if it's made of glass
Shattered realm in which you belong
A cage for your pride overseen by the strong

I'm gonna push it away
You can not take me from me
You can not take it away

Train your mind to fight fear and disease
Live your life exactly how you please
Should anyone prevent your new path
Show them the true meaning of your wrath