Casa de Diversion

by The Beautiful Ones



The track "Hear Me" will be featured on the Casa de Diversion compilation that's being put out by Toxicbreed.

The compilation is due out late April. For more info, visit


released April 30, 2011



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The Beautiful Ones Mesa, Arizona

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Track Name: Hear Me
You were everything I wanted to be
You were good, you were strong
You were this perfect human being
Even through the dark now I can see who you are
You're just a sad old man who always broke his son's heart

Hear me
Don't need your love anymore
Hear me
I've done without it before
I'll live without it

You used to be so strong
and now you're crippled by the bottle
Well I'm just glad I grew up and never fucking followed
Just used the brain in my head didn't even bother
I'll live the rest of my life a son without a father

Dear father can you hear me now?